The majority of the proposed living accommodations have been designed as two-bedroom units with 905 square feet to allow seniors who may be downsizing from a larger home to retain their possessions. The units feature an enhanced lighting package with seniors in mind, including various forms of task lighting in the kitchen and bathroom ceilings, and lighting under the cabinets.  To improve accessibility, the units have been laid out with an open floor plan, minimizing the need for hallways. Each unit will incorporate Universal Design principles and Enterprise Green Communities Criteria and the entire development will be fully visitable.

Additional living unit upgrades include:

Energy Star appliances – refrigerator, stove, dishwasher, microwave (mounted under a cabinet), garbage disposal

Solid core 6-panel interior doors

Vaulted ceilings in living area with ceiling fan

Upgraded deep sinks in kitchen with sprayers

Amenities – safety, laundry, storage, parking, Energy Efficiency/Green construction:

The development will include numerous safety features:

Each unit will be equipped with emergency pull systems located in the master bathroom and bedroom These stations will activate audible siren and visible strobe lights outside each unit entry

An intercom system will be utilized for visitors to gain access to the building

180-degree viewer and deadbolts in each front door

Single hung, double-pane locking windows; each window sash has two locks for each window for added security

Strategically placed photo cell activated site lighting

Landscaping will minimize obstructions of views at entrances and carports

Coordination with local police department to develop and implement a safety/block-watch program

Each unit will feature a laundry room with washer/dryer hookup

Each unit will incorporate numerous storage areas:

Shelving in laundry rooms located above washer and dryer

Two closets will be provided in the master bedroom, generous closet space in second bedroom, coat closet, and linen closet

Units in the two story buildings will each have one designated storage room which will be centrally located in the building

Ample parking:

Parking will be provided around the building

The Development team intends to certify the development under the 2015 Enterprise Green Communities Criteria: The units have been designed with energy efficiency in mind, and will meet the EPA Energy Star Home Version 3.0 to help reduce utility costs for the residents and improve the overall operating budget for the property. An upgraded insulation package including spray foam, batt insulation and Tyvek wrap will dramatically reduce utility bills by reducing heat/cooling loss to the exterior and minimizing air infiltration into the unit, and will provide superior soundproofing of each apartment. The entire development has been approached with conservation in mind to reduce impact to the environment and costs where possible.

On-site community and recreational spaces:

Understanding the importance of helping our residents create a sense of community, we annually survey several hundred senior residents in our communities to ascertain the amenities and features that seniors feel are most important. As a result, we are incorporating extra square footage into the community space to allow various types of meetings, functions and activities. The building is designed with a large community space that will feature a main room to be utilized for multiple activities such as dancing, yoga, jazzercise, resident dinners, and other large gatherings. An exercise room with work-out equipment and a lending library will also be provided for residents to enjoy.

A shelter house will be located on the property which can be utilized separately or in conjunction with the larger community space and will be equipped with picnic tables and a propane grill. Additionally, covered mailboxes will be conveniently located near the entrance of the building.

To encourage recreational activities and social interaction, a large flat screen digital television with DVD capabilities will be available for movie nights or sporting events. Another enhancement is the Wii gaming system, which has been shown to encourage physical activity and social interaction in senior group settings. Games such as bowling, virtual golf, tennis, and other interactive games will be available. The community space will also feature a kitchenette with Energy Star rated dishwasher, refrigerator and microwave. The site will provide concrete sidewalks throughout and will offer accessible pathways wide enough to allow exercise and socializing.

The community will also provide approximately 4,000 sq. ft. of fenced open space as an exercise park for dogs. The park will include accessible pathways, a frost-free hydrant for watering of animals, pet waste bag dispenser, park benches and shade trees. Space for an on-site community garden will also be included for residents to enjoy.

Non-smoking Policy

Based on increasing demand and in the interest of promoting better health and well-being, Miller Commons will not permit smoking of any kind within common areas of the building or within 40 feet of any door or window. Further, we will grant priority consideration to applicants who guarantee that their respective apartments will remain smoke-free for the duration of their occupancy. While at this time we cannot assure that all apartments within the  facility will be non-smoking, every effort will be made to do so. Our hope is that applicants will demonstrate the importance of the availability of a smoke-free living environment by filling the entire facility with non-smoking households. It needs to be understood however that the ultimate determination of whether the entire facility becomes/remains non-smoking is in the hands of the ‘market’. This means that while best efforts will be made to support the creation of a 100% non-smoking facility, owners reserve the right to possibly designate smoking units should it become necessary. Please know that periodic testing of non-smoking units will occur and failure could form the basis of eviction.